metal petal - cup holders

At 'No Goat For Jack' we enjoy having fun with different manufacturing techniques and processes.  Our specialty products in lighting and homewares are made in small runs with limited stock runs. This means you are purchasing original and boutique items you won't find elsewhere. We make things we love but can't find. 


Metal petal holders

Inspired by the retro metal petal drink holders of the 50's, this is a modern revamp of an old icon.. Each flower head is inspired by native Australian flowers and powder-coated in a range of gorgeous mid-century colours.

These drink-holders are great for any picnic or or beach occasion and add a bit of colour and bling. Perfect for those of us with a challenged 'green thumb' as an indoor alternative to nature.

These are made by us for the love in producing them. Please contact us via email for pricing and availiblity.