For the kids

We love designing for kids - they imagine and experience the world in a way that sees endless possibilities for play and fun.

Plywood cubby house, circle door detail and colourful bookshelf

cubby houses

Our cubby house range is made to order to suit your kids personality and desires.  With doors and windows that run the full playschool range we will make sure that the back of the cubby house is never more than an adult arm length away from an opening!

These cubby houses can be finished to protect the plywood although we encourage you to consider an unfinished surface so that it can be decorated and personalised in your own home.

Children's playroom with integrated cubby house

custom playrooms

We can help bring order to your playroom through clever design.  The spaces we create are designed to maximise storage and provide functional space with a healthy dose of delight.

What kid wouldn't want an integrated hidey hole!

CAD software, cubby house & shelving

Fun shelving

Our custom kids storage shelving is designed to be modular and to grow with your child.  Components can be 'swapped out' so that your built in storage always matches your requirements.

Getting more information

If you are interested in one of the products you have seen or have a fun project you want to get involved us feel free to contact us.